About Us

We Serve and Empower the Trans Community



Engage, empower, and LIFT UP our highly stigmatized TRANSGENDER COMMUNITY of South Florida & Puerto Rico.

Placing a special emphasis on the most marginalized groups, such as the Trans Latinx Community, Undocumented Immigrants, People Living with HIV/AIDS, and those who have experienced incarceration.



To provide our Transgender Community and everyone else who seeks for HELP, SUPPORT within our available SERTVICES.

Empower new REGIONAL COMMUNITY LEADERS to fight stigma against Transgender individuals and provide guidance in building their professional future and autonomy.



Arianna’s Center believes that your IDENTITY, LIBERTY & DIGNITY are never to be negotiable.

Arianna’s Center is against all forms of discrimination, acts of violence and any stigmatized actions perpetuated to our Transgender Community.

Arianna’s Center believes in equal rights to every individual, focusing in helping our most marginalized groups.

Arianna’s Center believes that everyone deserves access to medical services, testing, treatment referrals and preventive enrollment programs for HIV/AIDS or any other Sexually Transmitted Infections regardless of their legal status, gender, uninsured, underinsured or those who have been denied any insurance programs.

Arianna’s Center believes that providing help for the community is one of the best privileges we can embrace in this lifetime.

At Arianna’s Center we are the only service and advocacy organization with the mission of supporting and empowering transgender women of color in Florida, Puerto Rico, or wherever there is a need for such service.

We provide outpatient HIV/AIDS testing services, support with social workers, legal name changing services, referral for legal help, access to personal medical services and emotional health.

We offer specific programs for Transmen and shelter for trans women who have been detained by ICE or have been incarcerated.

We provide GED scholarship programs to pursue their high-school degree, personalized support for technical career pursuing and guidance to our clients on how to enter the world of work.

We train our Trans and LGBTIQ+ community in advocacy, making them more active at a political level, supporting elected government leaders in establishing policies and policies that ensure the well-being of our communities in new laws for a better quality of life and laws in the field of HIV AIDS.

Lately we have started to offer digital programming on social networks to focus deeply on the community and our local leaders, this, and much more is what we do at Arianna’s Center.

Community members like you, working for your community.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.









ARIANNAS CENTER plays a key role in addressing Trans Community needs, now and in the future. We act as a community catalyst, bringing diverse voices and groups together to address local issues, and fostering greater giving and volunteering in our communities. We build endowments to ensure grants support the community forever. We are governed by leaders with strong ties to our communities. Our work focuses on that of nonprofits; we foster the development of new organizations and programs, support high-impact opportunities, and re-direct funds as community needs change.


ARIANNAS CENTER need Volunteers. Sharing your knowledge, skills and energy with others makes a huge difference. Join us and see just how much of a difference you could make.


ARIANNAS CENTER is staffed by people from the community and led by a local board of directors. This group of people has an in-depth knowledge of the issues, opportunities and resources that shape your community, enabling them to play a key role in solving community problems, while helping donors learn more about local needs in order to make their giving as effective as possible.


Your gift to ARIANNAS CENTER Organization will be used where needed most, to help create sustainable change and address the root causes of poverty and inequality. Donations can support programs, innovation, and infrastructure required to deliver our programs to Trans Community in South Florida and Puerto Rico, in areas such as protection, education, health, sanitation, disaster relief and economic empowerment.



Arianna Innuritegui-Lint


Is a passionate trans educator and advocate originally from Peru where she graduated Law School. She has worked for the Florida Health Department in the field of HIV and AIDS since 2006.

Arianna dedicates her time to educating, mentoring & advocating for people in her community.

She is experienced in public speaking and facilitating classes and workshops about transgender issues, HIV/AIDS in transgender communities, and diversity.

She also provides pre/post counseling and testing and event planning in the field of HIV prevention, doing outreach for those at risk of contracting HIV.

Arianna has had the opportunity to work with ADAP & CHEERS for Peers, and the Work Group for Transgender people in the Florida State, for the Florida Health Dept.

Later in an Immunology Clinic, she was on the front lines with people that have been infected & affected by HIV as a Family Support Worker and as a Human Services Counselor.

Arianna is the head of the South Florida Chapter of the TransLatin@ Coalition. She is currently seeking her master’s in social work.

Joseph Cepeda


Joseph Gabriel Cepeda Acosta is a licensed attorney with a strong interest in the areas of criminal law, civil law, human rights legislation, and disadvantaged communities. He is primarily focused on addressing gender issues, LGBTQ+ communities, Black communities, and Non-Profit Organizations.

Before obtaining his license, he graduated with honors from Medianía Alta Elementary School, Belén Blancos de Zequeira, and Superior Vocational Eladio Rivera Quiñones, with a long history of extracurricular activities, including active participation in sports teams, 4-H clubs, and ASPIRA of Puerto Rico. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences with a concentration in Law and Society from the University of Puerto Rico in Carolina, where he was also a student-athlete. He completed a Master’s in Criminal Justice at the Inter-American University of Puerto Rico Metro Campus, where he conducted research titled “The Relationship Between the Educational Level of Parents of Minors Convicted of Legal Offenses and Criminality Among Ages 16-18.”

He recently fulfilled the requirements for a Juris Doctor degree at the School of Law of the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. During his time there, he participated in the Advanced Academy of Human Rights and Humanistic Law at the American University Washington College of Law in Washington DC. He served as the President of the Hispanic National Bar Association PUCPR, conducted research and writing for the Puerto Rican Law Journal, and was a member of the Student Council.

Joseph Gabriel is naturally passionate and committed to justice. He is disciplined and has full confidence in the contributions of young people in academic and professional spaces. Joseph is available for work on legislation, development, and writing projects, as well as for private consultations. You can contact Joseph at 787-900-5117 or via email at Lcdo.cepeda@gmail.com.





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